Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CreditKenya expo?

A Credit Kenya expo was planned for Feb 26 & 27,which indeed inspired this blog. I wonder if its still on. Will try to find out though.

I got the following info about the expo from www.expressmediakenya.com


CREDIT KENYA EXPO is the ultimate window that brings together MSMEs and those
who extend credit to them.

It is envisaged that this initiative will evolve into an annual event where credit
providers can showcase their products and interact with their current and
prospective customers. The broad objective of Credit Kenya Expo is:

To help the MSME SECTOR to have a better understanding of
available credit products and the requirements of accessing such
products effectively.

Many MSMEs are said to be afraid of applying for and accessing formal credit due to
various reasons. These include the insistence by banks for borrowers to provide
collateral, lengthy procedures and turnaround time and the fact that most MSMEs lack
reliable financial data which is key to credit risk evaluation.

The specific objectives of this initiative include:
Provide a platform where Banks can promote their products to the MSME market
segment through interaction with leaders and members of national and regional
MSME sector associations.

Create awareness on MSME ratings as a tool that can assist enterprises to improve
their chances of accessing credit and also negotiate better terms. Ratings can also
serve as a barometer for peer comparison and self-improvement.

Create a platform for Insurance firms to promote their products to the MSME
market. Having insurance (fire & theft) has been found to be a predictive factor in
credit performance in MSME lending.

Create a platform for Mortgage firms to promote their products: (Status of
Residential & Business premises has been found to have a strong predictive value in
MSME lending).

Create a platform where providers of various Training and Capacity building
interventions, aimed at improving the competitiveness of MSMEs, can
interact with MSME sector.

Micro-Finance institutions
Insurance Companies
Housing Mortgage firms
Investment firms
Credit Saccos
Training institutions & related service providers


The conference has space for 300 participants. They will comprise of:-
Representatives of the different associations of the Confederation of Informal
Sector Organizations (CISO)
Representatives of various other trade/business associations (FPEAK, KAM)
Participants drawn from the MSME business sector


Challenges Facing Growth and Development of MSMEs in Kenya
Lending to MSMEs - The Banking Perspective

The Role of Insurance in Growth and Development of MSMEs
Enabling MSMEs to Access Mortgage Finance

Improving the Environment for MSME Lending
- Data Sharing
- Credit Rating/Scoring


Role of Government & Donors in MSME Development
Financial Sector Improvement
- Legislative & Regulatory: SME Act, MFI & Procurement Bills
- Donor Initiatives: Guarantee Schemes
Capacity Building Programmes for Financial Services Sectors vis-a-vis MSME Lending
Alternative Sources of MSME Finance
The Way Forward for MSME Lending

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